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The ONLY System That Makes Ecommerce 'TRULY PASSIVE'

It is No secret that ‘E-Commerce‘ is the Golden opportunity of the 21st century.

I mean 

What does the world’s Richest man Do?


i.e. (co Jeff Bezos)

But did you know according to amazon accounts for only 41% of e-commerce sales?

Combine other players like Flipkart, Walmart and others and the number reaches 53%

Rest 47% of the eCommerce market is controlled by people like me and you.

And let me tell you..

The Indian eCommerce market alone is estimated at US$ 18.2 billion Dollars, so 47% of this is a huge number.


The number of online millionaires and multi-millionaires has been at its peak since the time of human civilization.

Every other day I see someone made a fortune selling online.

And with market quadrupling with every passing year, this number is bound to increase

I mean just take my example…

This is my earning from one of my stores

See No inspect element SCAM

And if you ask me,I am a very small player in the market with minimum resources.’

But the market is so huge that even the small players are making millions.

And I repeat-


So I truly believe people like me and you (common man) can come online,

Apply this 5 STEP System and have a small piece of the pie 

And even the smallest piece will still be more than the lifetime savings of 5 to 6 ‘SARKARI NAUKRI GUYS’

However – They will still get the Girl !

But the BIG Question is…

How people like me and you…

Who have ZERO ideas about running an Online business.

who have LESS money to invest.

Can Start This Business?

Then, Listen up…

If you want to know the EXACT- STEPS.

I took to make $689,761 from one store for FREE,

do not skip a single line on this page and READ ( I promise I will tell you everything)

And If You Feel This is a SCAM

...or my results are not real!

Go ahead and close this page and ” Miss This Opportunity as well

“Just like you missed the opportunity - To start a YouTube channel in 2017

“Just like you missed the opportunity - to Invest in bitcoin in 2018"

”And You are going to miss This HUGE Ecommerce 'TREND' as well…”

Just because you will close your eyes and say – “ YE ONLINE-VINLINE SAB SCAM HAI

Truth will not CHANGE...

#TRUTH– That Every year you see someone made 1 CR using ecommerce.

#TRUTH- That Ecommerce made Jeff Bezos the richest man in the planet.

#TRUTH– They were just like me and you before ecommerce changed their lives.

And I know it’s not you.

But the INSECURE version of you sitting inside in your head.

You have been LIED so many times that you don’t Trust ANYONE NOW.

My Friend, It’s not your FAULT.


I would Request You to 'TRUST' me for Once

...and Follow along, as we discover the SECRETS of "Truly Passive Ecommerce"

From Imroz Hassan
West Bengal, India
Dear friend,

Before we dive into details for-  “How I reached this point in my life

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Imroz Hassan, and from the last 4 years,

...I have been doing Ecommerce for living.

Imroz Hassan

I am the eldest son of a very modest family- who has to bring vegetables for his mother, wash his father’s bike, help him in his work and even fill water bottles during summer.

I live in a small city of West Bengal where I have rented a space for my one-year-old startup (obviously I have studied engineering). 

And one more thing, I love eating Biryani.

I am just telling you all this to let you know, My struggle did not have the luxury of belonging to a rich family.

Now that you have an idea of who I am,

let’s start to UNFOLD the journey of me going from 700 rs in my bank account to more than 6.5 crores in revenue

17 October 2017

It was a winter evening as I was 3 weeks away from my 7th-semester examination.

I along with my 4 roommates was on the rooftop of our P.G, having our evening Chai.

Usually, we talk a lot but that evening we all were silent and nervous, waiting for the list of our placement exam, which we gave last Monday, to arrive.

In My Mind I was very Optimistic

I couldn’t stop thinking that – “ all these years, the hard work which I did, be it for Class 12 boards or preparing for my entrance and even for the placement exam is going to possibly end today”- I will get a JOB (6 lac per annum) and can feel free.

And to my surprise,

All of my other roommates were going through the same emotion.

That day no one finished their chai (which was rarest of the rare occasion)

Finally, it was 7 pm and the list of placement exams for 3 companies was Published.

Avinash’s name was on the first list and he was the first to be placed from our room.

We were happy for him.

But I along with others were still searching for our name in the first then the second list.

Our names were not there, but I was 100% sure that the list of 3rd company will have my name.

...I searched from top to bottom


My name was not on the list.

I can’t even tell you about the EMOTION I was going through that time.

I was sad, I felt weak and I was scared.

How would I tell this to my father, who is already bragging about my JOB for the last 4 days to OUR relatives?

But somehow I mustered the courage and called my father,

But his reaction “Broke me from inside“. 

He said- “I am worthless and he is just wasting money on my studies

Maybe he was angry or frustrated or both.

But one thing was sure that his words acted like an invisible Slap that was needed to wake me up from this dream of an 


I know I cannot rely on some Multinational company to fulfill my dreams,

I will have to take the initiative and-  Find a way to do it Myself…

And my search for – ‘ How to make money onlineSTARTED 

And I came to a world called E-COMMERCE

And my friend,

Before I continue any further 

Let me tell you This…

While I was writing this I have 2 options...

either I can tell you – 

“ look how easy it is to make money online, any child can make 10s of lakhs easily, I am the genius and if you will follow me you can be like me, etc, etc

Or I can share my real side of the story, which no one shares – “I can tell you about my failures, how ‘IMPERFECT‘ I am and how average my talents are

And I think you need to know the real part of the story of starting an e-commerce business.

Because in my experience of 3 years of doing e-commerce I can tell you one thing…

“E-Commerce is a simple process BUT not an Easy One”

Back to my journey…(NOV 2017)

By the time I had searched everything which was there about dropshipping and e-commerce on youtube and google,

I was just looking for my 3 Answers

So How did I get my answers?

Let’s see them one by one…z

My Question 1: Is e-commerce a real business?

All though I was excited about dropshipping and e-commerce,

I was not so sure whether these are real businesses or just seasonal trends.

Until I came across the story of Piotr Szulczewski and Danny Zhang.

You might not know them by their names.

But you will surely remember them by their company called WISH.COM. 

The Largest Dropshipping Store On The...INTERNET

Wish was founded back on 4 July 2010 and it is to date the largest dropshipping website on the internet.

And as of today, they have been in business for more than a ‘Decade.’

I read with utter amusement about the story of “wish” and while reading it back in 2017 I remember telling myself…

“ If something is in BUSINESS for more than 8 years on the foundation of Dropshipping, it has to be an authentic business model for it to sustain this long”

And then I entered a phase called – “ if they can do it, so can I”

My first problem was solved.

Now I know that e-commerce is a proven business model.

But for someone who has no money and no product to sell, has no experience in website creation,

how in the world can I enter this Ecommerce BOOM.

Which led to my NEXT question.

My Question 2: How Can I Start With E-commerce?

Back in 2017,

When my vision was not clear, Starting an ONLINE business alone seemed impossible 

Especially questions like.:

  • How would I make a website to sell products?
  • What in the world will I sell?
  • Where will I get the money to buy inventory?
  • And how would I get traffic for my store?

Luckily I found Ritoban’s Bizathon 3 Series on youtube and all of my self-doubts started to crumble like domino pieces.

Without wasting any of your time my take away from that series was as follows:

  1. You don’t need to learn coding to create your e-commerce website, there is a service called Shopify that has pre-made websites(themes)  which you can use.
  2. He said you don’t need money to buy inventory upfront you can do e-commerce with a dropshipping model, which means you will only buy inventory when a customer orders on your store, i.e you will actually get something for $2 and sell it for $20 And then fulfill the item with customers money and keep the profit ( this is what does as well) and this was a lifesaver for me as I literally had no money to start.
  3. He also shared his way to find highly profitable products to sell online.
  4. But there was one thing that let me down

You see, It was close to the perfect answer that I was searching for, with only one caveat,

He said You will need anywhere from 50K-70K  to follow his method to get traffic using paid ads.

And this was the point I decided to Quit...


Now the PLAN is simple…

I am going to FInd a way to make money and then invest it in eCommerce, but the problem was.

With my current scenario, at max, I could get a job in a BPO with an 8-10 thousand payout.

This means I will need to work 7-8 months before I can save the amount needed to start my business.

So I started applying for jobs around me, meanwhile, I came to know about SEO, which to me, on papers looked promising but I had ZERO faith in it to be successful.

But as I was still 7-8 months away from launching my paid campaign. I decided to give SEO a try (still not taking it seriously)

25 days passed...

With 4 job rejections, my hope of starting an eCommerce empire was crumbling 

I realized that time I had zero skill to get a job, 

It was already the end of December of 2017, in less than 5 months I was about to complete my degree and I was certain that I had zero skills in engineering as well.

So if I will not do something with my finances in these 5 months,

I will be a loser with no job and no financial security.

It Was High Time For Me To Take Strong Actions

By that time I had already completed my store and had imported 7 -8 products to my store. Now only if I could get traffic, I would have my first sale.

And just when I was on ‘the brink of quitting‘, I came to know about Avijit and my life changed forever…

My Question 3- How Would I GET Traffic To My Store?

Avijit was making a full-time living from his amazon affiliate websites and was a hardcore SEO expert.

And my eyes could not believe the amount of free search traffic he was getting to his affiliate websites.

The “FREE” Traffic – A phenomenon I would have never believed if not seen from my eyes.

And Probably You can guess what I did next

(And This Led to me Discovering Ecom Underdog's System...)

I will not brag here and tell you how quickly i became the richest man in my locality and about my bikes and cars.

Rather I will tell you about the POSITIVE change EUD System brought to my life.

But the BIG Question is…

if You are so successful with Ecom

“why are you selling this course and EXPOSING your SECRET EUD System publicly? ”

Great question,

And hey, Listen – I want to be completely HONEST here.

Now that we are not strangers anymore, I can trust you on this little insider story.

I have a small consultancy office started a few months ago,

I know that if I will give my best and teach you everything about how I got the result and how you can get it too.

I can tell from my experience that you will never settle with only one store and will start multiple stores.

And when you will need services like product sourcing or technical support,

Chances are you will contact me, You can say –  “This Training is the beginning of a healthy business relationship between us.”

Let’s say I gave all my SECRETS to you in this training (which I will) and took you to say 10 lakh/ month with your ecom store (if properly followed and applied by you).

And later down the road, you wanted to source a product (to increase margins)

My team can help you with that with a minimal fee.

You Increase your profits

I get a small fee.

WIN-WIN situation right?

But this will only happen If I can help you succeed in your Ecom Start-up.

And if I will Cheat you and do not tell you all the important things needed for the success of Ecommerce store,

I can never make you my Client in the future. 

“ To be Really Honest with You, I will only make BIG-MONEY when you will make MORE-MONEY.”

And to be fair,

I don’t want to sell this course to ‘1000s of people’.

If I can only have 100 dedicated people who are really passionate about e-commerce and understand it’s real potential.

I will be more than happy…

So when I asked Avijit about the pricing of this training program, he said –

“ Imroz, what will you pay for a skill that can give you 10 lakh/ month or more earning”

I was stunned and had no answers, (Value was truly, over the TOP)

But I really wanted to make it a great deal for you,

And at the same time I don’t want to give this power to Undeserving Candidates,

I want people like you, who are Different and are dedicated to chase their dreams. 

We wanted to hit a sweet spot so we asked a few telegram group members and finally, we decided to sell it for Rs10000 and started selling on the telegram group.

We sold around 20-25 courses and realized.

Whoever bought our premium training, were already established ecom owners, they took our method, implemented it to increase sales, and then GONE!

They will never become my client in the future.

So I know that until I will not lower the price I will never get people like you to join this Program.

So we decided RS 4999 will be our lowest price ( we cannot go below that )

You tell me If I will help you to set up a store and show you

How to find only 10 products to sell for each Rs 400.

Let say,

at the bare minimum you only sell 10 pieces per day of these 10 products each, which means

10x30= 300 sales per product.

you have 10 products so 3000 net sales of rs400 each will make you around

3000x400 = Rs 12,00,000 total sales

And for each of the products if the margin is only 90 rs your profit becomes,

90X3000 =

Rs. 0 /month
( and this is just bare minimum)

Tell Me if You Can Use This System To Generate This BARE MINIMUM Result ...

Will Rs.4999 be worth the Investment or Not?

Let say something went wrong and you achieved only 50% of this BARE MINIMUM i.e Rs 1,35,000/month in profit will the price of Rs 4999 be worth the investment to learn this income skill?

Let say everything went wrong and you are able to achieve

Only 25% of the BARE MINIMUM i.e Rs 67,000/ month

Will Rs.4999 be worth the Investment for this skill?

What changes can Rs 67,000/ month bring to your life right now?

And you know what-  If you can use this system to get just 10 sales/day of ONE Product (that right one product only)

It will still give you Rs 1,20,000 of sale and Rs 27,000/ Month of profit – JUST ONE PRODUCT.

Will you pay Rs 4999 to learn a system that in worse condition can generate you Rs 27,000/ month in profit?

And if your answer is NO (Price is too much)

Just tell me what amount you paid your Teacher for class 11th tuition. (on that year)


And  I am so sure about this System that I am ready to give RS 1,00,000 as business capital to those who will take this training seriously and complete all the given tasks.

Yes, you heard that right, Invest Rs 4999 get The training complete all the task and you can get Rs 1,00,000 as a business capital.

And if you think this offer is crazy just stick around. I have one more for you.

As you might have seen me on ads for the first time,

I can totally understand if you will not trust me with that amount. Straight away

So…for a very limited time and for very limited trainees,

I am reducing the price from Rs.4,999 to 

For Only Rs.799

so if you are on budget – HURRY!

Because this is truly a limited time offer…

And Mind you in past people have happily bought this same training for Rs 10,000 (and never complained

Let me sum-up for you what you will get when you invest in the EUD SYSTEM Today.

YES Imroz! Give Me Instant Access To The EUD SYSTEM 1.0 Training RIGHT NOW For Just Rs.1699 !

Total Value: Rs.1.52 Lakh

For Only Rs.799

It Doesn't Matter What Market You're In... The EUD SYSTEM Will Work For YOU!

It is INDEED the only system that makes ecommerce truly passive…

Join The Training !!!

This Course Will Teach You A SKILL That Will Allow You To work and Sell From ANYWHERE.

You Might Want to know about course Structure
(After All That’s what we are paying for…)
There’s a TON of knowledge packed in the modules as follow.

And as I said… 

Anyone who will complete this training will get a chance to win a brand new laptop. 

Time Is Of The Essence...

This Is A LIMITED OFFER At This Price.

100% guarantee that you’ll love this product, or I’ll return your Rs.1699.

I’ll take all the risk on this.
If you don’t feel that The EUD SYSTEM is worth 10 times what you invested, drop me an email within 3 days of getting the Training and I’ll refund your money. No questions asked. Fair enough?

You Must Act Fast!

This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Claim Your Discounted-Price Now Before They're All Gone UP...

Okay. With that said, I hope you enjoy the EUD Presentation. I hope you use it.

I want you to give this into your hands because I know how this can transform your business forever. 
Thanks again,

Imroz Hassan.

PS: DID you Just Missed the opportunity…

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Hi I am Sariq from India . I took ecom under dogs programme and it has helped me a lot to create a sustainable ecom business

Sariq Sahzada

Nutrition Expert, Food Villa

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